Pipe & Drape For Staging

Staging Dimensions offers a full line of Innovative Systems pipe and drape hardware featuring 1 ½" or 2" OD 6063-T6 aluminum construction. Upright and drape support sizes are available in fixed or adjustable heights ranging from 3' to 18'. Fixed upright extensions are an inexpensive way to increase the height of any fixed upright and are available for slip or screw fit uprights. Low profile design, heavy duty steel bases are available in slip or screw fit options, and are zinc plated. Bases, uprights and supports can be powder-coated black for additional fees. Storage carts and fabric hampers provide a convenient method of storing and transporting pipe and drape equipment.

Slip Fit System

The Slip Fit System uses a special nipple that is attached to the base in any of the mounting holes. The upright is then sleeved over the nipple. Slip fit bases feature a stacking slot allowing the bases to be stagger stacked to reduce storage space.

Screw Fit System

The Screw Fit System utilizes a threaded steel nipple riveted into the bottom of the upright. The upright is then screwed into any of the mounting holes on the base.


8” x 14” Slip Fit Only
11” x 11” Screw Fit Only
15” x 15” Slip & Screw Fit
16” x 14” Slip Fit Only
18” x 18” Heavy Duty Slip Fit Only
24” x 24” Slip & Screw Fit
24” x 24” Heavy Duty Slip Fit Only

Adjustable Uprights

6’ – 8’ Tele-Upright Slip & Screw Fit
8’ – 14’ Tele-Upright Slip & Screw Fit
10’ – 18’ Tele-Upright Slip & Screw Fit

Fixed Uprights

3’ Fixed Length Slip & Screw Fit
6’ Fixed Length Slip & Screw Fit
8’ Fixed Length Slip & Screw Fit
10’ Fixed Length Slip & Screw Fit

Fixed Upright Extensions

2’ Upright Extension
4’ Upright Extension
6’ Upright Extension

Drape Supports

8’ Fixed Length
10’ Fixed Length
3’ – 5’ Adjustable Length
4’ – 7’ Adjustable Length
6’ – 10’ Adjustable Length
7’ – 12’ Adjustable Length
8’ – 14’ Adjustable Length
10’ – 18’ Adjustable Length