Round Staging

CNC laser technology allows us to provide our customers with custom stage decks for any application. The ability to provide precision cuts, curves and inlays on our interlocking stage decks allows our customers endless design possibilities. Our custom process begins with our customers’ concept and ideas, we then create CAD drawings for approval and these drawings are fed into the CNC router to ensure the customer receives a product that is exactly what they envisioned. This custom process is used on all circular, curved, trapezoidal, triangular, inlay and custom laminated decks. All of our custom stage decks are constructed using the same extruded aluminum frame as our standard products and allows our customers to integrate the use of standard and custom products to create a unique stage system. Various heights can be achieved with our standard or custom support systems.

Circular  / Round Stages:

We offer standard circular stage decks in a variety of sizes and surfaces. Our 4′ & 6′ diameter decks are offered as a standard 2-piece construction. Our 8’ decks are available as a 2-piece or 4-piece construction. Our 10′ diameter deck is offered as a standard 5-piece construction. Larger diameter stages (11’ – 80’) and multiple piece construction of the smaller stages can be custom built to your specifications.

About Us:

Staging Dimensions began manufacturing permanent and portable staging and accessories in Newport News, Virginia in 2001. As a sister company to Applied Electronics, Staging Dimensions was created as a convenient means to offer their customers quality, versatile portable staging products to package with their roof systems. The business quickly grew and relocated to their current site in New Castle, Delaware, in 2003.

Currently, Staging Dimensions is finding its niche in the custom market while maintaining its strong presence in the standard portable staging arena. Our in-house capabilities allow us a quick turnaround time and enable us to provide superior attention to our customers’ every need.

For more information about Circular / Round / Curved Stages, call  (866) 591-3471.