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Fixed height stair units have steel and aluminum standard black powder-coated construction, 11 3/4" deep x 42" wide non-skid quad stair treads with a rise not to exceed 7 inches. The self contained swing-type clamp system has no loose parts and attaches to a variety of stages. The stair base has 3" diameter steel zinc-chromate leveling feet with 3" of fine adjustment. The fixed height stair unit requires no tools for installation, meets 150 lb. side impact load and can install easily with or without handrail. Handrails are available in straight or curved designs and both options fold flat for easy storage. Fixed height stair units can easily convert to free standing stair units by simply inserting fixed height legs in to the specially designed receivers on the stair frame. NEVER use stair units without clamp device tightened. Fixed height stairs can be custom built to individual needs. Fixed height stair units are available in the following sizes:

1-Step Stair Unit without Handrail - 16" deck height
2-Step Stair Unit with Handrail - 24" deck height
2-Step Stair Unit without Handrail - 24" deck height